Waukon, Iowa (Y01)

The runway was re-asphalted and several hangars at the airport were revamped to give the airport an overall fresher look. Walk north 0.8m to the Green Valley Getaway or 0.8m south to main street with several places to eat.

2021: Airport could use some lovin’ but was easy to get in and out of. Airport is right next to the road to get into town and is about a mile walk to the main drag. Head south on the road to go to main street with several restaurants or head north to the Green Valley Getaway.
2014: Good cheap food at the Waukon City Club - recommend the pizza.

  • Last Visit: Sat, May 27, 2023
  • Courtesy Car: No
  • Food in Walking Distance: Waukon City Pub (main street)